Kiwanis Club of Rideau Lunch meeting

Just a regular meeting!

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Delegate Module April 27 2015

Delegate Module referenced in the Presidents report on April 27th

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Short Term - Long Term Goals document

As referenced in the Presidents Comments below.

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A word from our President

Good morning Kiwanis members,
Here we are at the end of April & heading into "spring at last". Sunscreen, BBQ's, Spirits, etc.
I realize that this message content will take time but you can action it at your own pace. Although we all report to our Board, I as president feel responsible to take the lead in "leading our club through education & communication"
On June 4, 2015, our club will be having our Annual General Meeting. Our board officers & committee chairs will be giving us a report on the past year. There will be awards. There will be a club survey consisting of 4-5 questions to be filled out during this time frame.
It is vitally important for all members to attend so please reserve this date.
The Kiwanis Music Festival has been our Rideau Club's Kiwanis ONE Day & the Kiwanis feeling doesn't stop as we continue toward the end of our Festival. How very proud I am to be a part of this so well run organization. Please, if you haven't had an opportunity to participate at St. Timothy's Church sessions, you can contact Jim Puskas. You will not regret it.
Educational Modules
- Jim has previously given the New Member Orientation (personalized specifically for our club) so if you missed this meeting please contact Jim so you can review it.
- Jim has also sent out a short/long term plan for the Membership & Visibility committee as well. I have attached the module "Developing Short Term & Long Term Goals" for a formal overview with what all that has to be done.
- I have attached "The Delegate Module" so you know our (Jim Puskas & I) responsibilities as your representation at District Convention.  
- I have also attached "What are my Responsibilities to Kiwanis Module".
Each of these modules take 10 minutes or less to review. Please talk to Jim or I if you have any questions or suggestions.  
Have a good read & enjoy the sun.


What are My Responsibilities to Kiwanis


Kiwanis Club of Rideau lunch meeting

Our speaker was Gen. Paul Manson (retired) who spoke about the Changing Face of Warfare

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